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 Boston Symphony Hall 'Lord of the Rings' (Return of the King) concert

Smetana Moldau Arr. for Galway Flute Choir Weggis Switzerland

Ave Maria By Astor Piazzolla Andrea Oliva Andrea Griminelli Burak Besir Piano & Arr: By Lior Kretzer Weggis, Sir James Galway International Master Class July 30, 2010 itzerland Video: By Mark Richter

The Conservatory Project 5th Anniversary Ensemble Orchestra at Kennedy Center, Washington DC

"But Beautiful" with Jim Walker at Weggis Switzerland.

Journey through the world of Game of Thrones in this piano arrangement of the Song of Ice and Fire by Award winning Composer & Pianist Sonya Belousova and Director Tom Grey.

Chrono Cross, with Video Game Orchestra, Boston

A snapshot to live concerts

The Flutist and Composer Burak Besir's World Ethnic Wind instrument work.

Orchestral arrangement of the song "Bitmeliyiz" Turkish Pop Singer, Demet Sagiroglu